All our downrods are 1” O.D. and are threaded on the motor end to create an extra layer of security, and allow for adjustments in the field. Our downrods are made of durable, weather-resistant galvanized steel and are available in 12 finishes, including carbon fiber.


Model Housing Finish
XF-12 Automotive Silver
XF-12 Bronze
XF-12 Carbon Fiber
XF-12 Dark Walnut
XF-12 Gloss Black
XF-12 Graphite
XF-12 Titanium Silver
XF-12 Gloss White
XF-12 Matte Black
XF-12 Matte White
XF-12 Oil Rubbed Bronze
XF-12 Stainless Steel
XF-18 Automotive Silver
XF-18 Bronze
XF-18 Carbon Fiber
XF-18 Dark Walnut
XF-18 Gloss Black
XF-18 Graphite
XF-18 Gloss White
XF-18 Matte Black
XF-18 Matte White
XF-18 Oil Rubbed Bronze
XF-18 Stainless Steel
XF-18 Titanium Silver
XF-24 Automotive Silver
XF-24 Bronze
XF-24 Carbon Fiber
XF-24 Dark Walnut
XF-24 Gloss Black
XF-24 Graphite
XF-24 Gloss White
XF-24 Matte Black
XF-24 Matte White
XF-24 Oil Rubbed Bronze
XF-24 Stainless Steel
XF-24 Titanium Silver
XF-36 Automotive Silver
XF-36 Bronze
XF-36 Carbon Fiber
XF-36 Dark Walnut
XF-36 Gloss Black
XF-36 Graphite
XF-36 Gloss White
XF-36 Matte Black
XF-36 Matte White
XF-36 Oil Rubbed Bronze
XF-36 Stainless Steel
XF-36 Titanium Silver
XF-48 Automotive Silver
XF-48 Dark Walnut
XF-48 Bronze
XF-48 Gloss Black
XF-48 Graphite
XF-48 Gloss White
XF-48 Matte Black
XF-48 Matte White
XF-48 Oil Rubbed Bronze
XF-48 Stainless Steel
XF-48 Titanium Silver
XF-60 Automotive Silver
XF-60 Dark Walnut
XF-60 Bronze
XF-60 Gloss Black
XF-60 Graphite
XF-60 Gloss White
XF-60 Matte Black
XF-60 Matte White
XF-60 Oil Rubbed Bronze
XF-60 Stainless Steel
XF-60 Titanium Silver
XF-72 Automotive Silver
XF-72 Dark Walnut
XF-72 Bronze
XF-72 Gloss Black
XF-72 Graphite
XF-72 Gloss White
XF-72 Matte Black
XF-72 Matte White
XF-72 Oil Rubbed Bronze
XF-72 Stainless Steel
XF-72 Titanium Silver
XF-12 Liquid Nickel
XF-18 Liquid Nickel
XF-24 Liquid Nickel
XF-36 Liquid Nickel
XF-48 Liquid Nickel
XF-60 Liquid Nickel
XF-72 Liquid Nickel


  • All our downrods are 0.75I.D. and are threaded on the motor end to create an extra layer of security and allow for adjustments in the field.

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