How do I get my Modern Forms Smart fan to work with my ecobee thermostat?

With your Modern Forms account, you can pair your Modern Forms Smart Fan products with your smart thermostat to increase energy savings and live more comfortably. When your Modern Forms Smart Fan is connected with a smart thermostat, they work together to reduce heating and cooling costs.

To pair your Modern Forms Smart Fan(s) with an ecobee smart thermostat, sign into your Modern Forms account and make sure your fans are connected to the account. See How do I connect my Modern forms Smart Fans to my Modern Forms account (FAQ Link) for instructions.

Pairing ecobee with a Fan

  1. Follow the instructions included with the thermostat to install the thermostat and set up your thermostat account. Remember your password — you will need it later.
  2. Open the Modern Forms app. Tap , then tap Integration and select ecobee.
  3. A unique Pin Code will be generated that will be needed in the following step. Tap Proceed to Portal to open the ecobee hub.
  4. Login to the ecobee hub with username/password credentials.
  5. Navigate to My Apps under the menu options and Add Applications.
  6. When prompted, enter the Modern Forms Pin Code and tap Validate.
  7. Return to the Modern Forms App to tap your ecobee device name.
  8. Tap Add/Remove Devices and select all fans to be connected to your smart thermostat and save.
  9. Set Assist Mode setting, minimum fan speed, and maximum fan speed, then tap <.
  10. Tap the Fan (icon) to return to the Home Screen.

Managing Thermostat Fans

  1. In the Modern Forms app, tap , and then tap
  2. Select your thermostat.
  3. When prompted, select the thermostat you want to pair with your fan.
  4. Tap Add/Remove Devices to view all Modern Forms Smart Fans Paired to your account. Fans paired to ecobee will be outlined in blue. Tap to add/remove fans and save.
  5. Tap the Fan (icon) to return to the Home Screen.

Why Doesn’t My Thermostat Respond Instantly?

It takes up to 60 seconds for the thermostat to receive and process a command from the app.

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