Can I adjust how my Modern Forms Smart Fans are configured?

Follow the instructions below to view and adjust your Modern Forms Smart Fan products’ configurations.

Accessing Configuration Details

  1. In the Modern Forms app, tap  , and then tap Rooms & Devices.
    1. On Android, tap  , then tap Settings, and select Devices.
  2. Tap the name of a product.
  3. Adjust the Configuration Details as described below.

Viewing and Adjusting Fan Configuration Details

Change the name of the fan.

Firmware Version
The fan’s firmware version.

The MAC address is the unique network identifier for the fan.

Local IP Address

View Fan IP address that was assigned by your router.


Reboot Device
Reboot the Modern Forms Smart Fan receiver.

Factory Reset
Reset device to factory state and reset all wireless connections.

Adaptive Learning

Toggle to enable/disable Adaptive Learning feature.


Firmware Update

Check for recent updates to your fan firmware.

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