Smart Fans FAQ

1. Do I need to purchase a standard wall control?

All fans include a wall control in the box. You can control up to 2 DC fans on a circuit with the supplied wall control.
If you have a 20amp circuit you could control up to 12 fans on one Wi-Fi Touch Panel Wall Control (not included)- this is an industry game changer!

2. Can I use my cell phone/smart device to control my Modern Forms Smart Fan?

Yes! You may control your fan via your cell phone/smart device's internet connection from anywhere around the world with our free Modern Forms app. Once you have downloaded the app from the App Store or Google Play, you can use your smart device (Android, Apple iPad or our handy wall-mounted Touch Panel Wall Control accessory) to control all your fans. For increased security requirements, you may disconnect the Wi-Fi network from the internet and your app functionality will work exclusively through your secure local Wi-Fi network.
The Modern Forms app is perfect for showroom demonstrations, property managers in hospitality, and commercial applications.

3. Can I download third-party apps onto my Modern Forms Wi-Fi Touch Panel Wall Control?

We strongly recommend using the Wi-Fi Touch Panel Wall Control only with the Modern Forms app, as this is the intended purpose of the device and any third-party applications that are downloaded onto the tablet can severely hinder tablet performance.
Tablets that are damaged due to use of third-party applications may not be covered under the Modern Forms warranty.

4. Will my Modern Forms Smart Fan sync with any smart home devices?

Modern Forms Smart Fans currently work in conjunction with Alexa and Google Assistant. Others will be added as they become available.

5. Are you working on integrating with Apple HomeKit or with Lutron's system?

Not at this time, although it is something we are considering for the future. We will publicize any new integrations as they become available.

6. Why choose a DC motor fan over an AC (alternating current) model?

DC motors run cooler and quieter and use up to 70% less energy than an AC motor.

7. Will my fan have receiver/interference problems like most DC & AC motor fans?

No. Modern Forms’ control system was designed with infinite codes that are randomly generated with each fan having a unique identifier. This will prevent cross-talking on residential and large commercial projects.

8. Does my DC motor fan make clicking noises and shake like my brand X DC motor fan?

Since we carefully designed the innovative receiver technology, the motor transitions very smoothly when changing speeds, alternating between Summer and Winter Modes, or during start up. Please allow a 24-hour “breaking-in” period as most noise associated with a new fan will disappear during this time.

9. How many fan designs are currently available?

There are currently 27 fan designs available.

10. Do Modern Forms Smart Fans have a pull chain like traditional ceiling fans?

No, our smart fans do not have any pull chain for lights or fan speed.

11. Will your fans work out of the box in a 220V application?

No, Modern Forms Smart Fans are designed to function with 120v input power.

12. Are your fans 50 or 60 Hertz?

60 Hz.

13. What is the color temperature (CCT) and color rendering index (CRI) on Modern Forms Smart Fans?

Not all fan models include a light. All lights included are 3,000K true white and 90 CRI for exceptionally natural rendering of colors.

14. What are the lumens for the lights?

Lumens range from 1,110 to 2,100. That is comparable to light from one or two bare 75W incandescent lightbulbs.

15. Who designed the LED luminaires provided with fans?

All LED luminaires are designed and manufactured by WAC.

16. Are your Wet Rated fans anti-corrosive/weather resistant?

Yes. All Modern Forms Smart Fans exceed the requirements of ETL Wet Location ratings and are suitable for indoor and outdoor installation. Fan blades are made of ABS plastics or weatherproof wood. Most of our fan bodies are aluminum (instead of the industry standard steel) finished with a durable powder coat or wet paint process to withstand any normal wet rated ceiling fan environment. Our Liquid Nickel finish is sealed multiple times with clear powder coat to withstand normal wet location applications.
42” and 52” Wynd models are offered in 316 marine grade stainless steel and are perfect for use in coastal areas.

17. How does my fan handle power surges and dirty power?

More robustly than typical DC fan models on the market. We enhanced the input of the control system to handle power surges and dirty power efficiently.

18. What is the ideal placement for my fan?

The ideal fan location is at the center of a room and at least 18” away from any wall, although 3ft or more is recommended.

19. Is a neutral wire needed?

A neutral wire is needed.

20. Can I assemble and/or install my Modern Forms Smart Fan with power tools?

The use of power tools is not recommended. Power tools can strip the screws, making them less secure. This can result in the fan loosening and possibly falling.

21. What do the different colors of wires on the back of the RF wall control connect to (all leads are marked with labels)?

White wire connects to neutral wires in the wall switch box, green wire connects to the ground wires in the wall switch box, and black wire connects to the hot power coming into the wall switch box.
Where required by local codes, the red wire can be connected to the power lead going to the ceiling fan to provide an easily accessible local circuit breaker to the fan motor.

22. Can Modern Forms Smart Fans mount on a sloped ceiling out of the box?

All downrod fans use a hanger bracket mounting system which will allow for up to a 30° angle. A sloped ceiling kit for ceilings up to 45° is offered as an accessory.

23. What is the lead wire length on Modern Forms Smart Fans?

All fans include 80” of lead wire length; the maximum rod length possible for extension is 72”.
Flush-mounted fans (huggers) leads are 8”.

24. How can I extend my fan with the included downrod?

We offer additional downrod lengths and rod couplers (sold separately) that may be used to extend the fan.

25. What are the downrod length options?

Downrod models include a 4.5” or 6” downrod in the box.
Additional downrods are offered in lengths ranging from 12” to 72” in length.
Carbon fiber downrods are only offered in lengths up to 36”.

26. Can I cut the downrod for my customer’s specific length?

All Modern Forms Smart Fan downrods are threaded on the motor end and the other end is cuttable. This end can be easily cut and drilled for your customer’s desired length. Please see instructions for cutting downrods.

27. Where does the receiver mount?

Our receiver is located within the ceiling canopy, not inside the motor housing. This prevents interference and allows for access to the reset button on the receiver without taking the fan down off of the ceiling.

28. What is the maximum range of the RF wall control?

The RF wall control has a 30ft range.

29. Who designed and manufactured the RF wall control and Wi-Fi systems?

We chose not to use off-the-shelf items that other fan companies utilize, so WAC designed and manufactured the innovative wall control and the receiver.

30. What is Winter and Summer Mode; I hear this a lot but don’t know which way the fan should run?

You can control reversing from the wall control or from the Modern Forms app.
Winter Mode (clockwise): Pulls air up to the fan and circulates it along the ceiling and down the walls to redistribute the warm air that hovers around the ceiling. This should allow for a saving in heating costs.
Summer Mode (counter-clockwise): Pushes air down from the ceiling to create a wind-chill effect. Fans do not change the temperature in the room, they change the comfort level by changing the perceived temperature.

31. What is the general warranty for all Modern Forms Smart Fans?

Modern Forms Smart Fans warranty is 1 year on finishes and parts, 2 years on outdoor painted finishes, 5 years on the LED module (where applicable) and electronic components, and lifetime for the motor and stainless steel components (where applicable) under normal conditions. Some discoloration should be considered normal wear under particularly harsh environments. For more detailed warranty information regarding Modern Forms Smart Fans and other Modern Forms products, visit

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