How do I restore my fan’s factory settings?

NOTE: A factory reset will re-broadcast the default Modern Forms Smart Fan Wi-Fi network, clear any device and room names, delete existing scheduled events, and reset all other settings back to original values.

  1. Press and hold the Light, Fan and Reverse buttons for 10 seconds on the wall control or remote.


  1. When the LED indicators stop blinking, and three (3) audible beeps are heard the factory reset is complete.


If the above reset sequence did not work, bring your fan to a complete stop and try the following:

  1. If you are controlling your fan via the Modern Forms app, navigate to (Hamburger Menu Icon) > Settings > Devices > [Name of Device] > Factory Reset.
  2. Access the receiver in the canopy of the fan and press the reset button on the receiver until the receiver beeps. Power cycle the circuit to complete the process.

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